Arwyn Lisa Jane


It seems like a moment ago when I delivered this little person. I still remember the feeling of being overwhelmed by having a little life of my own. Watching her grow up has been such a privilege. She has such a compassionate heart. She loves people. Each night ends with the question “who are we going to see tomorrow?”. Which also reveals the organizing, planning side of her. She needs to know ahead of time to prepare and plan. Maybe when she grows up she will be an administrative assistant for international politics in social justice. Maybe.

She has this hunger for adventure and seeks thrilling activities. She has great balance and agility when she is rock climbing. She easily scales rock walls that older kids take much longer to summit. When she gets to the top its usually celebrated by hands high in the sky and exclaiming “YES!”. She has the most competitive spirit in the family. There are many tears when she is not the first, best, biggest, fastest. Maybe when she grows up she will be a professional athlete…soccer is the latest thrill.

Lately she spends hours at the table writing letters, practicing her numbers, coloring pictures. “Mom how do you spell _____?”. Giving cards to all her friends and writing love letters to her Hero, daddy. Sometimes in the car we ask ” Arwyn, tell us a story.” To which she goes on a long journey of tales connected between “and the-e-n”. Maybe when she gets big she will be writer. Wait. I just got handed a picture she drew of road runner and coyote, maybe she will be an illustrator.

When I discovered her dreams for this years celebration of her life I got these answers: Purple, pink, sparkles, dresses, butterflies, and last but not least princesses. We decorated the living room at Nana’s with balloons and streamers, a big purple and pink butterfly cake, her tiara and special tutu waiting for her on her throne-like chair and a little mound of Disney princess wrapped gifts awaiting, most of which were dollar section in Target of various surprises like : toe rings, big BLING rings with hidden lip gloss compartments, fancy elbow high gloves, and more. By the way Daddy went shopping for all that:) When all is said and done at the end of our 5 year olds day there is something that she dreams of being… a princess. But in our hearts she already is.

Of course daddy and I had to balance this glam out with some intellectual stimulation. Her main gift was her first video game (which we were quite reluctant to introduce). But since it was a Leap frog one that only teaches reading and writing we were OK with it. What a big girl gift! She also received a MP3 player from Nana and Papa. Nana downloaded all the family songs that she would like. Side note: Nana she listens to it daily, she roams around the house with her earphones in learning all the songs, just lingering. It feels like a teen in the house…

Happy birthday sweet blessing of ours!

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