Rasberry and Blueberry pickin

So as you can see we made a visit to Josiah’s college buddy Beth on there farm in NY. There kids are practically the same age as ours and it was so refreshing to let them run ALL OVER the farm and not have to worry about what they were getting into. It was also great that we never had to interfere with directions or discipline cause they got along so well. The only thing I can think of was my “talk” when I caught M running around BUCK NAKED in the kids bedroom, but thats another story…

We picked raspberries, blueberries, basil, carrots, and fetched fresh eggs. We made pesto, raspberry smoothies, ice cream with raspberry and blueberry topping, and had yummy fresh eggs for breakfast. So relaxing and so much fun!

Thanks Beth for your hospitality! One sad story is that they had given us homeamade Maple syrup that they had harvested last fall. We were SO looking fwd to eating it but it got confiscated in the DC airport because I forgot to get it in a “check” bag. We are still grieving the loss of that yummy jar. In the above picture of the pontytail, I practiced a new “do” that Beth showed me how to do. So easy and so cute!

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One thought on “Rasberry and Blueberry pickin

  1. >That looks so fun and delicious! Reminds me of when I was about Arwyn's age and we went spent the summer with my Grandmother on her farm in upstate NY. Enjoy!

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