Goodbye Beach

We had to take the kids to the coast one more time to visit the beach that has been a part of so many momentous occasions in our lives.

Bodega Bay Beach was first visited by us when Arwyn was just 3 months old, July 2008 we also went to celebrate a turning point in our lives after Josiah’s 3 month stint looking for a job, and after my two miscarrairages, and then we took one more journey just before moving to Pennsylvania last summer to say goodbye for a year.

Well here is some documentation of us saying goodbye to this much loved beach for quite a long time. Their they are with their juice squeeze bottles in hand and so excited toget back in the surf! Notice Arwyn’s new hair cut. And that’s a cute little Vange foot on the towel that I couldn’t resist capturing.


One thought on “Goodbye Beach

  1. >I can't believe how big Arwyn is – and she's so beautiful. I love her smile. I've been thinking of you guys alot lately. Enjoy relishing in your "lasts" before all your "firsts."

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