In Delhi


This was a pic of our first Indian meal. Chicken Biriyani (my fav) although this particular chef was quite fond of whole peppercorns, Butter Chicken (like a sweet red curry), and fried chicken ( never had fried chicken this good), Non (the breadlike stuff at the bottom), and Daal (Arwn’s fav). We try to have one Indian meal a day to get used to it. My Wonderful Husband ordered pizza hut tonight to give my acid reflux and my bowels a break from it. His wonderfulness even brought home two pints of Baskin Robins for us to enjoy later!


This is the bathroom here at the Hamilton Lodge. You have your standard bucket and pitcher for a “bucket-bath”. I had forgotton all about these till a few days before our move and I was not looking fwd to it so much. But I have decided I like it even more than USA showers. I can sit and bathe, which is largely the reason why I don’t take as many showers as I should these last few years cause I am too tired to go stand in a shower when I have a break. Water pressure isn’t an issue for how long it takes to rinse out your shampoo, the amount of water dumped over your head can usually get it all out in two dumps. And lastly it conserves ALOT of water.

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The kids and I started a fun way of helping them process this new and interesting home of their’s. They each have an “observation journal” .  After a ride through the city in a auto rickshaw or a walk down to the local market we talk about what they observed and then they draw a picture of it. I am hoping that it will draw our attention to any negative feelings or stress that we can help them “air out” and also help them learn how to communicate what they might be feeling. It will also be a good keepsake years down the road.


One thought on “In Delhi

  1. >I had to laugh outloud on your Pizza Hut comment – as PH is not normally considered food to calm acid reflux. 🙂 But, I bet it tasted soooo good! What a see husband. I love the idea of an observation journal. What a great keepsake for the kids, and a healthy way to process all the new experiences.

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