Thankful for this day

holy experience
2 days ago…

Today I rocked India. Its not because we sucessfully found Baskin Robins and had it delivered to our doorstep…mmmmm…mocha almond fudge baby….. no, that was the icing on the cake… but because I took all three kids on one of these

to a new friends house…. That means I explained where we were going, bargained my price, perched myself with 3 kids and a bag, redirected him when he wasn’t going the right way, found my place, and did the same on the way home. When success or failure meets me at end the of a journey, it makes all the difference in the world about how I feel about India.

The other success was making my first meal. It was a hodge podge of things, because when I got back from the market there was no running water to use, and novice me hadn’t stored up a bucket of extra pani, for instances such as these. But the point was that I cooked my own dinner, no take out or PB and Nutella. Here are some veggies from the market and I have never seen such small garlic in my life. Now I have to use 10 instead of 5 when the recipe calls for 2 cloves.

Yes, its thursday that I am actually posting this, but it formed in my mind Tuesday. And we are in Indian time here people so here is my Monday of gratitude. Today I was thankful for today. And when I made that visit to a freinds house, I made two new special friends. My first here actually, and it was so unexpected it felt like God’s little gift to me, wrapped in a bow.


2 thoughts on “Thankful for this day

  1. >Hey, praying for you and your family! Enjoying reading your blog post and hearing all the ways God is growing you and showing Himself to you. Thanks for sharing.Love,Michelle Wolf (Bray)

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