M: “When will I be Indian? When I live here a long time and speak Urdu?
Mom: “Well your heart will probably feel Indian after awhile, but your body will always be caucasian american.”

after a simple explanation of that…
M: ” how long will it take for my skin to get dark?”

Josiah and I joke that M’s Indian counterpart is Gupta from “Outsourced”, he will talk talk talk to anything with a pulse.


One thought on “Malachi-ism

  1. M is just the cutest little man ever! This reminds me of when I took the kids to the mall to play & then to McDonalds. M & A were in my backseat. I turned around at a stoplight and told M how cute he was. He said to me “Im not cute”. Im handsome A is beautiful” I’ll never forget that! I miss those kids of yours…you too! 🙂

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