She walks!

This was taken sidways but you can tilt your head to watch. You can feel the excitement in the room. We have a mobile little girl! These were her first steps and we captured it on J’s phone. She is getting braver by the minute. Watch out India!


6 thoughts on “She walks!

  1. >Wow!!!! She is so cute. She looks like she was running. You are going to have to put on your running shoes to keep up with her. She is so proud of herself too!!Mom

  2. >Yay! You sound like one excited mama 🙂 So good to HEAR you laugh again. I miss you. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. YOU are an inspiration to ME! I am very proud of you and love reading about all of your experiences in India. I can't wait until you're back and we can sit at Starbucks together again 🙂 Praying for you!

  3. >This is so exciting! She is full of delight as of you! What a proud mama you are my dear! I can't wait to see my little one walk! We're so proud of you Evange!

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