christmas tree shopping


I had pretty much given up hope that we would have a christmas tree this year. But then charlie brown inspired me and i decided to locate a nursury and find any little tree that could play the part.

First I had to learn the names for “tree” “take me to” and “nursery”.

Then I had to get directions myself in case I wasn’t understould.

Which as usual was the case. Luckily I had just learned some phrases in my language lesson that week to give directions to a Rickshaw wallah. I directed him all the way to the nursery, that I had never been to. Then to the right one that actually had christmas trees. We spent a mere 5 minutes at the nursery cause as you can see the selection was limited. But we were more than satisfied since we had set out with tiny expectations.

Luckily our tree is no bigger than Vange cause an “American ” size one wouldn’t have fit on our rickshaw ride home.

Then we returned home and made paper ornaments and hung them with paper clips. I hadn’t located ornaments in the city yet and all the christmas decs and treats I brought were “surprise surprise” in the stolen suitcase.

In the end we enjoyed our tree a few days before we moved to our new place. And now she sits on my balcony bare but alive. Hopefully she will survive while we are gone to the snow for the week ahead…

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