Jim’s Jungle Camp (JJC)

What does one do when they approach christmas and have no family or close friends near to celerate with? Well, we decided to spend a few days at Jim’s Jungle camp going on safari treks and elephant rides. Then head on over to the snowy beautiful Himalayan Mountains. The next few posts are dedicated to this journey.


Arwyn only got to look at the cute bunnies here, cause they wouldnt come near, too afraid of beinf munched by jackals i guess.


Me sick in bed all day the second day there, Vange passed along a stomach flu to me and J and then Arwyn.


The view from our bed.


A great tree pic that Chi took.

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3 thoughts on “Jim’s Jungle Camp (JJC)

  1. >It's been fun to catch up on your blog! We just got back from So Cal spending time with my family. Miss you! Merry Christmas. Excited to continue hearing about your journey in 2011!!! LOVE looking at all the photos! When the kids get up in the morning, I will show them too. Brady just had his trip to the dentist where he got EIGHT cavities filled today. Owch!!!

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