Some Firsts

Here is a list of First’s that we have been experiencing in our household:
1 Cooking Goat meat
2 Making Goat meatballs with spaghetti
3 Finding out neither were goat but water buffalo
4 revertng back to birds and cooking Corn Flake chicken
5 starting a Google search for recipes and seeing this pop up half way through as top “how to” searches”:

how to:
get pregant
download you tube videos
lose weight
impress a girl
hack facebook account
develop road safety culture
gain weight
download vdeos from you tube
hack a gmail password

Whatch out you Facebookers and Gmailers, there are hackers on the loose!
6 Hiring someone to clean my tiolet
7 Cooking by candellight
8 going to dentist in 7 years
9 getting a cavity filled
10 not leaving the house without my modesty items: bangles, head scarf, nose ring
11 consuming 3 jars of 40 0z. each of Peanut Butter in less than 3 months
12 automatically answering my husbands questions in another language


One thought on “Some Firsts

  1. >Cool about #12 [well, the others, too, but yeah 🙂 ] – in getting used to the language to automatically answer not in English. I don't speak Spanish, but I found that after spending a couple weeks with Spaniards I could almost understand what they were saying [but I could only reply in English…] That surprised me.

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