“Boog Boog” (we have colds around our house)
“Nack” (snacks are looked fwd to more than meals)
“Hot Coco” (we have been having a lot lately in this weather)
“I cold”
“coo coo” (chickoo is a special Indian fruit)

Favorite thing to eat: bread
Favorote thing to steal: batteries out of Daddies bottom drawer
Favorite nap items: binky and blankie
Favorite stuffed animal: the lil hippo Grandma got her
Least favorite time of day: diaper changes
Favorite attention getter: “bonk!” as she points to whatever she “might have” bonked to collect some sympathy

This little firecracker has got to do everything her sibs are doing. We have entered the MAJOR leagues in the tantrum department when she is not allowed a certain liberty. We love hearing the growing vocabulary she adds to our conversations daily. Tonight she entered the kitchen while I was cooking dinner and I handed her some trash and asked her to take it to the trash. So she did. Then I let her take napkins to the table to help her sibs set the table and she did that too. She proceeded to strut her pride in her abilities by walking and flinging her arms hautily at her side. She may be a spoiled one in the making but we love her so!

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