I remember when A and M would eat thier meals of spaghetti shirt-less in there high chairs.

You can see that Vange is enjoying her’s. But the weather isn’t permitting shirt-less enjoyment.

Our first meal of spaghetti with meat sauce (ground goat) was celebrated greatly. Complete with Garlic bread and bruschetta.

Today Vange was wandering around the house whining for a delivery of lunch.

Being the great big sister that she is Awent and fetched her blanky and binky.

Unfortunate for Vange I had to revoke them. I reminded A of the rule that they are to be crib bound and asked her to retreve them and put them back.

The binky is only for nap time (not because I am one to think it will ruin her speech) because if she sucks on it too long she gets a nasty rash around her mouth. The blanky is confined to bed because outside its walls it becomes a great refuge for all the dust in the house, which in India is UNBELIEVABLE.

As soon as she was robbed of her precious cargo she turned to me raised her hands, palms up and side by side and cried “MOM, HUG!”

To which my heart broke into a few thousand tiny pieces and I scooped her up for cuddles.

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