What do I love…

When we first arrived in this city I was overwhelmed by the dryness. The dirt, the dust, EVERYWHERE. I instantly, desperately missed the ocean. The cool breeze, fresh air, blue water. I challenged the Lord to show me an ocean here that I could grow to love. Little by little I get to expereince a new ocean, each time it feels like a fresh wave has washed over me.

Seeing a bright green tree on my rickshaw ride. The shape was like that of a Cypress tree reminding me of the coast. It was a stark hello from Him amidst all the dark dusty trees here.

While having my friend over and her 10 family members, I served an american dish. “Pepper? Salt?” and I went back in the kitchen and smiled at some complete opposites between hosting in America and hosting here, The Lord reminded me that I could just enjoy that I had this great friend to come to my home for a visit and she feels comfortable enough to correct my cooking. For that I smiled.

The warm breeze that has settled on our city makes every rickshaw ride enjoyable.

The afternoon sunlight that comes through our bedroom window.

Hospitality is unmatched here. Dropping by anyone’s house whenever I want, I will always be greeted with a smile and cup of chai.

The patient people in my life that are willing to see past my limited speaking ability and invest in a friendship that will only deepen with time and fluency.

My new friend that was right under my nose all this time. She is tenacoius enough to still talk to me even though I dont understand much. She is willing to take me places and teach me how and where to get things. She just brought by a cute little outfit that her daughter made for Vange (pictured below), and when leaving invited herself over for chai tomorrow. I loved it! There is no other word that I can think of to describe her than jovial. I suspect that she will have much to teach me about the joy of the Lord.


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