The things that happen here

I was on bath duty tonight. Vange was up first. She developed a love for drinking bath water (YUK!) while we were in LA, so I have to keep a close eye on her. She was trying to dip her finger in the tub water and taste it. “MMMM…” she would say. I was correcting her making it clear that bath water here is a big NO. Especially her because they don’t vacinate for typhoid till 2 years old here, so it is a big risk.

A and M came and were talking with me and laughing that I had previously “shot” myself in the head with the shower and the top of my hair was dripping wet. I got distracted by them, Vange saw her opportunity and guzzled a bunch of water from the rinsing cup, I looked down right in time for the loud burp. AAAHHHH! NOT OKAY.

Once I got her out of the bucket and sent to daddy to get clothed I asked him to crush up two cloves of garlic and get her to eat them raw. A few months back I accidently drank a whole glass of water that I later realized was tap water and I ate 5 cloves of raw garlic, wich is good for the tummy and recommended by some other friends who lived in India. I never got sick.

While I was bathing A I smelled food. With my ultra- pregnant sniffer, I determined that our take out had arrived. When we got out of the bathroom I heard Josiah say that he was waiting for the food to arrive. “whats that food smell?” I asked confused. He snet the Garlic breathing baby dragon over to me to breathe on me. Her breath put Stinking Rose to shame. It reaked the whole house. I was wildly impressed that he got our one and half year old to choke down raw garlic.

Thinking about the stinking rose got me craving Italian but we settled for Garlic Nan and Aphgany chicken!

Hopefully tomorrow is not too hot or else baby dragon will be sweating Garlic all day.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen and Vange came in, “Awyn cying (crying), ” she said sympathetically ” I sad!”



One thought on “The things that happen here

  1. >haha. that sounds funny (& scary), but the photos of the kids are hiding some of the post on my computer. i like the new top photo though. so cute. and family of six- wow! so good talking to you guys yesterday 🙂

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