Pressure Cooker BBQ Chicken



Boy am I glad that I brought two big bottles of this stuff home with us:

Tonight we had a chicken success! I was dreaming of Sweet Baby Ray’s chicken so I looked up a pressure cooker recipe for BBQ’d chicken and it was great! If you were as unknowing as me I hadn’t even heard of a pressure cooker till I moved here. Everyone uses them. And here, it really is a  MUST cause the chicken’s dont sit fat and happy in a cage and fed great stuff all day. No the chickens here run all over and barely have any feather to skin before you get them. Consequently they are quite chewey. Boy do we miss tender chicken. I know I need to learn the fine art of pressure cooker-ing, maybe then I will be able to get the white meat tender as well. But I bet this recipe would be just as good in a crock pot if you care to try it!

1/2 T veg oil

2 C BBQ sauce (our pref. Sweet Baby Ray’s)

1 1/2 C finely chopped onion

1 large green pepper

* we get enough spicy here, so I substitued 8-10 cloves garlic for the peppers ( that would 4-5 american sized cloves)

brown the chicken in the cooker with the oil ( medium heat, no lid), remove , mix the rest of the ing. together in pot then add the chicken and coat all pieces. Put the burner on med- high heat till the pressure is going off regularly, then reduce to medium. The pressure should be going off eveery 15 – 20 secs, for about 10 minutes. remove form hat and let depressurize on its own.

I couldn’t stop dipping my finger in the sauce!

It was the first time since we’ve been here that all 3 children were asking for more chicken. Vange was poundin on the table “Mo chicken mama!”


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