Happy Mother’s Day

“God see’s children through the eyes of their Mother’s, measuring there value by their virtues.”

I sure hope not! This was one of many quotes hanging around the kid’s school yesterday at the Mother’s day function. I’d much rather God see me through Jesus’ eyes than my mother’s. (not that my mother doesnt think I’m perfect or anything;). And for my children’s sake I hope this too.

My own “Mother eyes” can be rose-colored at times. Seeing only what I want to see. Only what my pride allows. And then they can also be critical. More critical and demanding than my Heavenly Father is with me. In fact He isn’t at all.

Today as we had a time of worship and singing as a family I sat on our bed, combing my fingers through A’s hair and wondered what kind of legacy I was passing on these days.

Since we have moved here I have been so impatient and short tempered. Taking out some culture stress on them. Or just letting the consequences of a bad choice to stay up late rest on them the next morning.

“Raging at the children for minor wrongdoings while I’m the one defiling the moment with sinful anger.” A.Voskamp.

What are they learning from me? How do they view the way their Father loves them by what I am teaching about love? As we each shared what we were thankful for, M said family day (which is our sabbath we usually have on sunday.) I felt God’s grace wash over me that he actually enjoys being altogether still.

We had a great day full of sleeping in for me and waffles with chocolate syrup. Husband-made iced mocha. I was greeted in bed with hand made cards with scribbled messages of love. Painted faces and puzzles. Night time scooter rides (all 5 on 1 bike) to our fav restaraunt. Pizza and fries. Sundaes. Breezy trips home with the fragrance of flowers. Eyedrop tickles and bedtime kisses. First baby kicks.

a butterfly, kitty ,and doggy become friends.

More than anything today has gently reminded me of the opportunity I have. To love with the Holy love I am given. To forgive much and and meet with understanding. To hug and to kiss and say those 3 words often. But to show them even more than I say them. To hold and to comfort. To listen. To change my tone or lower my volume. To be with them and know them. To pray for them and give them room to grow. Room to grow up into God’s Marvelous love for them.

Just as my mother taught me what compassion and giving looks like, I desire to model the artwork of the Holy Spirit in my life. Happy Mother’s day to my own across the deep blue ocean! To the one’s that have been like a mother in so many ways, displaying God’s womanly advice, mentoring, comfort and care. And to all you momma’s! As you fiercely love and sacrifice for your little ones, may you know the compassionate and fierce love of your Father.


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Love your new blog!
    A very big Thank You to Josiah for running to the internet store for more minutes so we could video chat for mothers day. (Big Hug and Kisses too!)I was so looking forward to seeing all of you! You made my day!
    Love the picture of the kids. What a special day! Happy Mothers Day again! You are such a wonderful Mother! A Mommy of four 🙂 ~ WOW
    Love you!

  2. this is so sweet. happy mother’s day to you. can’t wait to talk tomorrow. we miss you all- the kids look so cute with the face paintings!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging reminders of what an amazing opportunity motherhood is. I feel that my kids have gotten the short end of my patience and time as I have been feeling so sick with baby #3. May the Lord continue to give us each all that we need to fulfill his purposes in our families. Miss you guys! Isaiah continues to pray for Malachi and Arwyn.

  4. Loved this – and it is JUST what I needed to read right now.. thank you for the wonderful reminders! I miss you!

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