Various Indian life pics

1. A midnight Cricket game in the field next to our house, we mostly hear it!
2.Easter morning sunrise on our rooftop
3. “Chipkaly’s” frequent our windows, Vange is the “official” watcher of them and she sounds her alarm, that usually goes off for 2 minutes. They eat our bugs but leave poop on the wondowseal.
4. The night view of the neighborhood behind us
5. Laal Mirch- Red peppers. I walked by this stand about 6 feet away and could smell the “hot ness”.
6. A “subzi wallah” or vegetable vendor.
7. Different legumes and lentils
8. Sacks of rice, each a diferent Variety. But none brown rice.


5 thoughts on “Various Indian life pics

  1. You’re home seems beautiful. We very excited for my dear friends Steve and Devon who are about to come join you. Praying for you as we pray for them.

  2. hi! i am so glad i found your blog! i’ve never met you but grew up with joel and isaac for part of my haphazard childhood years. jessica is the one who told me about your blog, and juanita again. they had high praise, and it was not unfounded! God bless you on your journey! will be back to visit this blog often. oh and congratulations on being pregnant!!! so exciting! love, doris

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