Kiss Kiss


She is full of hugs and kisses. “Kiss you?” when she is gearing up to lay one on you.

Her favorite food: chicken

Her favorite book: Kiss Kiss by Margaret Wild & Bridget Stephens-Marzo

Most often used complete sentence: My tummy hurts!

What she does for attention: Take a diaper off and yell “Stinky bomma” when you change her; squat down when she is filling it up; get in your face and proclaim her hunger “NACK!” ; calling her father by his full name; and anything else loud that works

Favorite Song: A combo of the traditional ABC’s and the Backwards ABC’s

Mealtime Prayer: Thank you God food

When saying goodbye: she blows a kiss with a ” Hafis” ( her version of Allah Hafis meaning “God bless you”)

Her recent response to correction: 1 RUN 2 cry 3 tell on mommy to Nana

Most recent horrible discovery: Battery acid tastes bad going down

Who she yells at the most: it’s a tie between her big brother and the “chipkaly’s” in the window

What she wants to be when she gets big: a “chai” pourer ( she practices her serving skills daily with her plastic tea set)

What she would say if you asked ‘who was the baby’: Vangleen


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