22 weeks: The growing belly

I have had lots of you ask for belly pictures. Here is one we took in Delhi a weeks ago. My one request is that you leave a comment. I think letting me know people are actually reading has always been important to me. But even more so now that I am half a world away from most of you. It makes me feel more connected if I know you dropped by and are interested.

This pregnancy is going farely smooth. A few occasional bouts of acid reflux, I am sure more of that is to come. It’s getting harder to pop my back when I lay down cause everything is all moved around inside. I have to do the ol granny roll when getting out of bed or I will pull a stomach muscle. ( y’know the one where you roll on your side and push yourself up).

Baby moves allΒ  the time. Especially when I am resting. Josiah and A have felt it kicking around. The night before the ultrasound video below I had some spotting and went in for an emergency appointment. I have never had spotting in pregnancy, though I know some women have it all the way through a healthy one. So I freaked. But as I lay on the table about to get a ultrasoound to check on things Baby started shifting sleeping postions and sqiurmng around. Then I acually got to see it on the screen sleeping on its side, kicking it’s legs and rolling over. It was so great to find out that nothing was wrong. But even better to see it move and feel it at the same time.

M asks every other day how much longer it’s going to be. He is so excited. Vange kisses and waves at the belly. She looks in my belly belly button as if it were a peephole on a door. Must be a funny looking baby to her.

We are excited to meet this little person. Josiah was just saying the other day, after the scare, that it’s crazy to think a new little person packaged up with so much personality and wonder is gonna join our dynamic “Cinco”. Each of the three have so much to see and get to know and now a 4th will be here to discover in new ways, new joys.


32 thoughts on “22 weeks: The growing belly

  1. I love reading your posts. I don’t always comment because I figured you had soooo many people following you that you had more comments than you needed. Guess I’ll change that thought. I made the Quinoa salad you posted, it was wonderful. I add several of the fresh ingredients on hand. Can’t wait to make it again when my tomato plants are producing. Take care, keep posting I love reading!

    • yeah for Quinoa! I am so glad you liked it! I also found a recipe for Quinoa patties you could eat as a burger or under a fried egg… gonna try it soon! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Hi Heidi! Thanks for the reality photo! When I was carrying my babies we didn’t even THINK to take such a photo! It would be hilarious to see today. Thanks also for the report of the scare. We will add that to our prayers for you and the family.
    We are both doing well. Our temps have been 100+ for a couple of days–thought of you and it gave me some insight of how to pray for the really nitty-gritty stuff of life.

    Take care! Love, Pat L

  3. Heidi, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more beautiful. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve been reading every post but neglected to leave a comment. I love your family and am so inspired by your journey! Not very many Believers are as selfless as you and Josiah…in following where the Lord wherever he leads.
    Laughed hard when I read that Vange looks at your belly button as if it’s a peep-hole. So funny! I wonder if Charlie or Daveys (ok, I doubt about Davey b/c he’s still all caveman baby) will do that to my belly in a couple of months πŸ™‚

    Love you, girl! Please keep updating. I promise to be better about showing my love through comments πŸ™‚

  4. Heidi, Such a cute story. My prayer group prays for you everyday. It is nice that you update us. I love reading your blog. We are praying for the new baby. How exciting!

  5. So excited for you Heidi! You look great! I love reading your blog and hearing what you guys are up to. We just had baby #3 four weeks ago…a GIRL…Kinsley. We are still adjusting…but it has been so much fun already. I love watching the boys interact with her. Praying for you!

    Kim Smith

    • Wow! I didn’t even know you were pregnant. Congrats! We have great friends in OR that named there girl Kinton, and I love it! Kinsley is cute, do you have any pics?

  6. Heidi:

    I know exactly how you feel! I’m finding its getting harder and harder to maneuver around myself! I think I have strained a few stomach muscles just trying to get outta bed or my car. I can also relate to the baby moving around when I finally sit or lay down…..makes me wonder if this little guy is gonna be a night owl. Glad all went well with your emergency U.S. I’m so excited for you! Take care! Terri Kral

  7. Heidi, I’m going to comment purely because you want to know who’s reading your posts. Well, I love reading your posts and hearing about your adventures in India. Your mother-in-laws letter was really cool to read too. Thanks for being such an inspiration to the rest of us, as you live outside your comfort zone for the purpose of his kingdom!

  8. Looking good Heidi! You’re 5 months? I’m 4! We just found out a month ago, I had no idea. We’re also going to try to deliver in country but I’m nervous about it. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well!

  9. Hi there Heidi,
    I sometimes feel like I’m in your apartment with you guys as I pray for gifts of encouragement and health and blessing for you all. But I just got reconnected with your posts last week. I had a bit of catching up to do. It is so fun to see your faces and hear your stories. You look radiant in this picture, girl!
    I love you!

  10. I love reading your updates as well. Your whole family (kids and grandparents included) is an inspiration to me and I get teary every time I read about you guys. Sounds like an adventure. The garden is full of spiritual analogies and I was thinking about how all the work you’re doing there is like getting the garden ready. We were picking the strawberries that we planted last spring (we picked the fruit off the first year so more energy would go to the roots) and were pleased with how big, red and juicy they were. It’s all about the ROOTS baby! Anyway we were marveling at our basil (time to make pesto!) and thinking of you all. God bless you (and little baby to come)!

    • This garden is definately being toiled up! We were just looking at pics of the kids all dressed up as super heroes on the farm. If only we could get yummy berries like your’s! I just found this great homemade frozen yogurt recipe that I want to make with the kids soon. It calls for raspberries but we will prob put mangoes in it. Did I ever tell you that basil is my fav. and I am attemting to grow my own here. But your’s is probably the biggest Basil I have ever seen.

  11. Hey Heidi! Great picture!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the new baby soon :o) I set your blog up to post to my e mail so that I see all of them as you post them. I don’t want to miss any!! By the way I tell my friends at work all the time about you. I say, my friend, who lives in India, and tell about things like the mongoose, or the BBQ chicken and they always say, why does she live there? It’s a great opportunity to share about God with them through your obedience to him. Thanks for having this blog, it’s great!

  12. How fun to see a photo of your progressing pregnancy after reading all of your posting!
    I do so enjoy reading about your life in India and all of the adjustments you and your family are going through!
    If blogging had existed in 1988 when I moved to Sweden, I’m sure I would have been recording how I was adjusting to my new life πŸ™‚
    Today is Midsommar in Sweden, the big summer celebration with dancing and singing around the Midsommar Pole, but no dancing for me this year, as I am still hobbling due to my ankle injury (from 2nd of August)
    May you have a joy filled day,

  13. You look so cute! I never feel cute while pregnant but I always think other people do! I am 5 months along and we just found out we are having a boy. So excited! Isaiah still asks about and prays for Arwyn and Malachi everyday. Miss you guys.

  14. Heidi – i love hearing stories of your family and treasure the visit we had with you all on the north shore. much love and blessings to all. i pray for you and enjoy your words and pictures!

  15. Just wanted you to know that I always read your posts. Tyler and I have a special place in our hearts for the part of the world you are in and it makes me full inside hearing and seeing some of your life there.

    You look beautiful with your belly.

    Also, can’t wait to try the recipe you shared!

  16. Hi Heidi,

    I just re-found your blog again, and have been catching up on all your adventures! Congrats on your latest little growing blessing. You look so beautiful. I can’t wait to keep reading about all your amazing adventures.

  17. I love the pic. you look so cute and happy. So I am guessing you were unable to see if it was going to be a boy from the ultra sound. I guess it will be a big surprise πŸ™‚

  18. Heidi,
    You look great! I am glad to hear you are feeling better than in the beginning. I loved hearing about Arwyn’s scavenger hunt for her birthday.
    With love,

    Brandy Baum

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