Mango season

It is mango season here, June and some of July. Josiah mentioned that the mango’s are so tasty they are worth the cost, which is just being here during June and July. The humidity has decended and we find ourselves hanging out in our AC bedroom alot. I often cook in my undies and a tank, since the kitchen is the hottest room in the house. Here are some mighty big ones J brought home the other day. We have them in all ways: smoothies, cobblers, straight, in oatmeal, you name it.

This Mango smoothie is SO good. Personally to save some work I just cut of into chunks, throw in a ziploc and freeze. When it’s time to blend, I through the bag on the counter real hard a few times to break up the chunks. But that’s just me…

My mother in law made a Mango Cobbler, 2 actually. One we ate the day before she headed back and one we gave to the neighbors that rescued us from the electrical fire (the 2nd time, not the 1st) the night  before. Her’s were a variation of the above link. Since J warned her to bring her recipe from years in mexico with yummy mangoes, she did and we enjoyed. I didn’t even know you could make mango cobbler…

One draw back to so many mango’s is what it does your stool. So we combat that with plenty of bananas. Did you know that you can also become allergic if you eat too many? It happened to J’s grandma. Kinda crazy!


2 thoughts on “Mango season

  1. I can’t wait to have all the fresh fruits that Brazil will provide too! I heard that some people are allergic to the outside skin of the mangoes in Brazil….

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