Sassy 6

Someone turned 6 years old 3 days ago and lived to tell about it.

She requested chocolate, roller skates, waffles & spaghetti.

  We started out with a waffle breakfast, complete with a first time ever sugary Mini Monkey Bread. Well the waffle maker broke (thank God for the warranty), so we improvised with very thick pancakes.

  Then we drew her attention to a present waiting for her on her bed. The much anticipated roller skates. She continued on throughout the day on a scavenger hunt complete with clues to find “6” presents: a jewelry making kit, Romona the Pest” series (thank you Nana), a night time shopping trip with Mom to pick out new shoes (pictured below), money from her brother out of his “give” jar, and a “coffee date with daddy by way of adventurous scooter ride” , (and skates).


Lunch was spaghetti and first ever corn on the cob ( which also flopped) and cupcake decorating (and eating).

Dinner we went out, her choice, to our fav restaraunt.

She seemed to love all this, tomorrow is her Coffee Date, it has been a huge countdown.

 We are so impressed with her zest for life and tenacious spirit.

She is determined to learn to skate this next week before school starts so that she can take them to the school rink.

 She has initiated her practice sessions each day and is getting so good.

  We love her feisty-ness and her desire to give and serve.

She is a great helper, organizer, and initiator.

  We have seen God’s spirit growing more inside her through her prayers and conviction.

She is just the perfect little 6 year old for our family!

7 thoughts on “Sassy 6

  1. Happy Birthday Arwyn!! Six is a great age to be. I know that Jonah and Iris would have loved to have celebrated with you. I am so impressed by how you are working to learn to roller skate. Keep up the good job of learning and growing.
    Love from Great aunt Juanita

  2. Dear Heidi
    Thank you thank you thank you for all you have posted recently, and for the super photos of Arwyn’s 6th birthday, and all the other photos too. It means so much to us to see them, and to read your responses to life as well as your lessons learned and shared. We really appreciate that you take time to do this in the midst of all the other things you guys are doing. HUGS and kisses to each of you!

  3. Happy Birthday to Arwyn!! Those skates look awesome, and so do the shoes. That is so cool how you are able to be so resourceful with what you have to make her special day even more special!! :o)

  4. Happy Birthday Arwyn! Mark and i hope you love your new skates and we hope to see you using them when we come to visit all of you in November!
    Love to the whole family from the Shetlers 🙂

  5. Arwyn is 6!! Oh my! She is super cute in her skates… wish we could see her on those things! We just love her and Reese misses her and speaks of her often.

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