Potty time?

When Arwyn and I went shoe shopping, I spotted something that has been on my list for a few months. A new lil potty for the littlest one. Since Rash hasn’t been leavning I thought it would be good to air out as much as possible. It was great when we sauntered along and ll these things fell right into my lap. The potty $3, 5 pairs of these cute things below .75 TOTAL, and some back up diapers… well… just as expensive as you get them.

We went through all 5 undies in an hour. But look at that cute lil “bomma”! Although it’s been determined that she isn’t quite ready, it’s been a fun little hobbie on the side for her. She will sit there for a whole hour if we have the patience to sit with her.


4 thoughts on “Potty time?

  1. ItS great to see that the big adventures of growing and discovering are just as wonderful as they were in our family a “few” years ago!

  2. we’re going through the same scenario here with Emma. She keeps taking off her diaper all the time after she poops/pees. I think she’s more ready than I am to potty train!

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