Agra for the weekend

” You might be the only American tourist that has visited Agra twice and not seen the Taj Mahal!” J says to me as we roll away from our weekend getaway.

We go to Agra for the weekend occasionally as a retreat of swimming, comfort/ luzury, and yummy food (Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds, and Costa Coffee).

This is our fav Hotel and I feel “way” privilaged that J can find the great deals that he does, cause places like this are out of our league normally.

Features of this fancy place that I love

I LOVE lily pads

The first thing to do is hit the POOL!

Our first trip here we only had one trip to the pool cuz we all ended up in the room with a stomach flu ūüė¶ But this time we took full advantage of our time in the sun.

Hanging out in the 2 ft kiddie pool

We basically have 2 swimmers on our hands, and one wanna-be. Although with three we still have to keep a very close watch on them when in the deep pool. This pool was great because we could relax a little more, even Vange could stand up and walk around in it.

Being “white” here is the most desirable thing… I’m still looking fwd to my “Italy tan”¬†come August¬†though…

So cute I could eat her!

 Were going for not cutting the hair now to let those AWESOME curls grow out.

A true water bug

 Speaking of water bugs we saw some in the pool and it reminded me of my childhood pool

3 amigos

¬†It’s getting harder and harder to get three looking at the camera and all smiling.

Hat girl

After swimming we headed to have Mcdonald’s for¬†dinner¬†complete with ¬†our favorite sundae’s. I just had fries to hold me over to LATER.

25 1/2 weeks pregant

¬†One great thing about nice hotels is they have babysitting options. Since we hadn’t had a date since May, we jumped at the opportunity to go down to the nice restaraunt in the hotel while Someone camped out in our room while our kiddos slept. I love how friendly and sweet the women are in the hotels we stay in. I definately trust them and our kids saddest part of leaving is leaving the staff behind.

My HOT date!

¬†It was SO great to dress up in western clothes and go out alone. We still felt shy holding hands and snuck some times in the hallways. PDA is major poop-pood upon in India. We felt naughty ūüôā

Our date was great, complete with beef steak and yummy bread. After the restaruant we headed to the swanky bar lounge to talk some more and enjoy a drink. We choose not to drink in our city out of respect for our Muslim neighbors, but definately enjoy it when we are away. I didnt’t have dessert so I chose to combine my drink with dessert and try something new, a chocolate martini. YUM! ( I am one of those liberal pregnant moms)

A "ride" on the golf green

 We headed out the next day for a family game of crocket. But we discovered it was $20. We laughed and decided to take a little bicycle ride across the lawn. It was so hard, with J doing most of the work, that we stopped at the other end where there was a small playground, played a few minutes and headed back to the pool. ( I tried to help pedal when J was panting hard, but I started having contractions and he made me stop)

Back to the pool


¬†Look, I am so white you see me at the very end so easily! And V is the darkest of all, that girl is gonna have the kind of skin I would envy on girls in college, thanks to her Daddy’s heritage.

All bronzed and heading home...

Saying goodbye to the staff is the worst part for these three. I mean look at this great watchman! He opens our car door for us.

Hope you enjoyed the longest post ever, it took 2 1/2 hours from start to finish with all these pics!


10 thoughts on “Agra for the weekend

    • i so know what you mean Al, it took me forever to figure things out. It is definately not user friendly for the non techie type. But I love the difference in apppearnace and organization… hang in there…

  1. One of our “perks” is to see some of the world’s greatest sites through the (camera’s) eye, compliments of world travelers. Thanks! So happy you had time to travel and rest for a bit.

  2. Thank you for taking 2.5 hours to post this!! love the pictures!! I’m so glad you guys get mini vacations in every once in a while :o) Looks like so much fun!!!

  3. I am so proud of you guys for taking mini vacations. This looks wonderful. And the five of you are looking beautiful and refreshed. Hugs to each of youl

  4. this looks so great! can’t wait to go to agra & see you guys soon! the kids are getting so big & so is little baby watters!

  5. Looks like you had a nice mini-vacation. Those are often my favorite kind! You look so great – I love your hair when you and J went out (and for the record, I’m one of “those moms” too!) I can’t wait to hear more about your Italy trip!

  6. I savored every moment of your 2 1/2 hour post. It was a great adventure! Love reading how you are doing. Thanks for posting all the yummy recipes too! You and Josiah look great on your date night. Continue to be good to yourselves. Your kids are darling.

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