5 Must Haves

I find myself thinking things like ” Man! If didn’t have
this, I don’t know what life would be like?” Take it as gratefullness not
an idol. Cause if you don’t have them, well, life is still going on isn’t it?
But they sure do make my life easier, and more enjoyable.


1.Chef’n Vibe Collapsible Measuring Cup Set:

These are great space saver’s, which isn’t really a concern for me other than the getting them over here, suitcases and all. But they are easy to store since they stack right on top of eachother and come in fun colors aas well.

Adjust a spoon

2. Adjust a spoon

I use this ALL the time. It is a great space saver just like the above item, and I also don’t have to mess with keeping 4-5 different spoons on one ring. I am not losing the set or can’t find the exact measurement I was looking for because it’s somewhere back in the corner of my miscellanous drawer. I use it daily. Contrary to some reviews, it has never slipped on me causing inexact measurements. And it’s super easy to clean. The black stopper pops off for an easy to wash experience. You’d think I wouldn’t know cause I have a maid, but she believe it or not washes dishes with her eyes closed and I find 60 % of dishes dirty when I go to use them. She values speed over cleanliness I guess. But anyways, super easy to clean.

3. Bacon adhesive bandaids

Even though I do not have these peticular ones, bandaids are a must have for me now. I am in that klutzy stage of pregnancy that includes a injury in the kitchen AT LEAST once a day. Currently I have a princess band aid on my right finger from burning it on the convection oven. While not in the kitchen yesterday I fell off J’s scooter during my first ever lesson and scraped up my hand and toes and bruised my thigh pretty nicely. That night I burnt the other finger flipping over the toast in  the pan. And luckily my knives are dull or I would have more to tell. But yes, bacon is a must have right now, I need it bad. Soon… very soon. I would jump at the opportunity to sport a slice of bacon wrapped around my finger. If it weren’t for the tiny fact that it’s…er…not appropriate here. Thes cute bandaids are avail in many different pictures but among my top fav are sushi, cupcake, toast, bling, Jesus, pickle, and tattoos. You can order them off Amazon for about $5 a container.

4. Trader Joes Dark Chocolate covered caramels.

I have had a steady stock of these babies in my fridge, cause they are OH! so good! cold. But 😦 I just ran out last week. Chocolate is a daily necessity normally, but in this stage of pregnancy (not so much the first trimester) I like to treat myself to after breakfast chocolate, after lunch and also after dinner as well. And don’t forget just before bed, or any other time I am hungry and need a quick snack. No wonder I am out huh? I am sure I can hold out till my next stock arrives in November. But seriously though, pray for me. I would love to pass my addiction on to you by providing the link to order them online ( that is if you live on the half of the US that hasn’t gotten a  clue about TJ’s yet) except that they don’t have that option. Shame shame.

5. Tums acid reducer

I know, what prgenanat women doesn’t go through a giant bottle of these things at least once in her 9 months? My acid reflux is in full swing and I am SO glad that I found out I was “with child” while we were in the states in March so I could bring this big bottle back with me. Course, mine is the generic Walmart brand. I would say that I ONLY go with the berry flavor, and they do do the trick. It is a MUST here with all my chocolate consumption I confessed to above and all the spicy food that people try to feed me here. Indian women seem to think that Masala (spicy) is good for pregnancy, but I have a different tale to tell. Once with M I had such bad reflux that I literally burnt my throat and it was scarred for a week. OUCH! As long as I keep Vange out of them I can partake of these daily.

And there you have it, the top five things in my little black purse…


3 thoughts on “5 Must Haves

  1. I do so enjoy reading your comments about your life in India! I recognize some of the same comments that occurred when life in Sweden was new. After 23 years the only food items I really miss are Premium saltines and english muffins 🙂 Such neutral food items, but I have found replacements for everything else.
    Glad that you are able to have week ends ‘away’ for the entire family! The pool looks inviting!
    Summer in Sweden is mostly enjoyable with mild temperatures blended with occasional rain.
    Looking forward to your interesting future posting,

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