Where I have been and Where I am going

I haven’t posted in a little while cause my mind has been running on lists. Lot’s and lot’s of lists.

In 4 days we leave for Delhi, then Germany, then Italy!

We have been planning some of this trip for about a year. Then we decided to take advantage of being in European air and vacation to Italy. Having already been in Europe the airfare is quite affordable. It will be my first time in both countries. I am so excited it’s not even funny. Germany is a business trip, but it will still be fun to be in “hot” weather, the low 80’s, see friends in the company, and be in new territory. They have an all day kid’s program so the kid’s will get a change of pace and be with other english speaking kid’s that live overseas. The hotel we are staying at has a water park and huge indoor pool. We even checked into the food to make sure that ordering a cake or cupcakes was an option cause…..

 Someone is going to be 2, the second day we get there!

She thinks she is already 2 and she definately talks and acts like it. But I have been thinking of things like: What do you we nee  to wear in Germany? What all do we need for the events going on? What do I need to bring for the birthday party? (as small as it may be). Then what do we need for the Italian beach?…

My requirements for our week here were:

 clean air, quietness, tolerable sun (by the water), and good food.

And after months and months of searching , he found our place.

So back to List’s and packing and we will see you soon, maybe with a few pics of our own!


One thought on “Where I have been and Where I am going

  1. Have a wonderful, blessed rest, dear one. I am sitting in the hospital’s surgical waiting room as I write this. I just talked with the surgeon, and our friend is doing great. Just wanted you to know. I love you. Love to Josiah and your beautiful kids.

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