31 weeks

I had a check up today in Delhi. Honestly I wasn’t looking
fwd to it because the last time I got a check up was in May the last time I was
there. I had promised my doctor that I would get some bloodwork and routine
tests done in our home town. And I didn’t.

I meant to. But once we got home in the beginning of HUMID
monsoon season I stayed pretty much to my neighborhood. What VERY pregnant
woman wants to go on a 30 minute journey of the bumpiest transportation
probably in the world, only to sweat to death or get downpoured on? Not this
one. And since it’s my fourth, and I have learned alot more trust in the
Creator of this little one inside, I have come to feel that under such
circumstances, tests are overated, much more than God’s peace anyway.

All went well, complete with blood drawn and the typical
urine sample, and a Tetanis shot that my arm has been loving! But “little one”
was moving all over. In fact our friend Devon was with me and she was marveling
at my belly jiggling like jello while I was on the table, “looking like an
alien” she said.

I am 31 weeks and still due October 25. Feeling great, and
big and wondering, as I always do how my

skin can stretch any more.


8 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. So excited for you, Heidi!

    We’re getting married in 11 days (9/10), and we’ll miss you and your clan!

    Love you,

  2. Contratulations on the good appointment! I have my 36 week appointment this Friday….starting to go every week now. Its starting to feel much more real. Maybe its the added sciatica pain, or possibly the swollen feet, but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Kinda scary and exciting…..

  3. Oh how I miss talking and feeling my newest grand baby before it’s born! You look beautiful Heidi! I am so glad that your appointment went well and that Devon was with you. What a blessing!

  4. Happy Birthday, Heidi! Your first birthday in India. It is still your birthday here in AZ by the way. I loved reading about the Italy vacation, and the photos. We are so thankful for you, all the time, but today we are especially thinking about you. So glad to know you are feeling fine and that our grandbaby is active! We are praying for you guys to know when to head to Delhi – and for God’s provision for all the details of your delivery. It is really hard knowing we won’t be nearby when the time comes.

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