Eid-ul-Fitr in pictures

Our family waiting on our porch for the lift

Ramadan, pronounced “Ramazan” in India just ended at the end of August when we returned and we were just in time for Eid. Eid marks the end of fasting and focused prayer for Muslims here. It is like Christmas in the US. It is huge! It is actually 3 days long starting around the 1st, depending on the position of the moon. And depending on how affluent you are depends on if you really celebrate it . Cause it’s mostly about food. You have big yummy meals, invite people over, make lots of sweets and chai to serve. Everyone gets a brand new outfit for Eid also, complete with new shoes and for women bangles. As nice as you can afford. And you give little kids what they call “Eidy” wich is small gifts of money. They even come in search of the gift from you. It is mainly given within the family but you can give it to employees or there children. We eaven had some adults that work in our building doing different cleaning jobs come ask for there “Eidy”. I don’t know how cultural that is but they do have guts! The lady that cleans my toilet (only has been for a couple weeks) is Hindu and she asked me to buy her a new outfit. I didn’t do that but gave her and extra 1/3 of her salary. The next day she came back and demanded more from me. We went back and forth till finally I had to laugh and say ” You’re not even muslim!”. There was such a feeling of entitlement in her. It was interesting to say the least.

We felt lucky enough to experience Eid in the homes of our muslim friends and dressing up and going out to there houses only to come back with VERY stuffed bellies and sweaty bodies. Since they are new to the city we took our new citymates Steve and Devon to enjoy the festivities. Devon is a great photographer and I relied on her photos for most of these outings. Here are some of my favorite but you can view more on her blog and photography site, along with pictures of India in general.

5 of our 6 in transit in our scooter, the other 3 on a rickshaw

5 of us in transit on our scooter, the other 3 on a rickshaw

Walking up the old city street to our friends house

M and Tofeeq wearing their prayer caps for Eid

 A and V with there friend Aliya

The ladies

The gentlemen

Me and V sitting down to eat

Josiah and Steve getting ready to eat up

All the kiddos together, amazing!
V’s highlight was holding the two month old baby

All these pictures were taken by D. Salisbury. The whole lot can be viewed at http://dsalphotography.wordpress.com/


2 thoughts on “Eid-ul-Fitr in pictures

  1. i love this. thanks for the photo cred, but all the india photos are on my dsalphotography.smugmug.com site, not my photo blog. just so your friends & fam can see them all if they want. great posts about eid or ied or however it’s spelled.

  2. The kids are changing so much! Looking a lot older in the pictures 😦 You are looking great with the baby! Happy to see that you have some friends there with you… must be a wonderful gift!!!
    I have been writing you a letter for days now… it will be heading your way sooner than later I hope 🙂

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