Vange is 2!

Evangeline turned 2 while we were in Germany and because it was the day after we arrived, I didn’t pull together much of a celebration for her, according to my standards anyway. I felt so bad for this, but kept reminding myself that she doesn’t have a lot to compare it to and she probably wont even remember. We got ahold of some fruit tart desserts that we put a “2” candle in and she got to unwrap a present from Devon and Steve and a package came from Nana and Grandpa after. As soon as we said happy birthday in the morning she said “Baby come out?” Apparently that was her wish.

Vange is such a delight in our family. She has warmed her way into so many hearts. She is feisty and stubborn. Her presence is commanding and full of life. She loves to laugh and make you laugh. In a year or so I predict that she will be bossing the older sibs around and they will be abliging. She is way too confident for her own good. She is also so lovable and compassionate. She LOVES babies and animals. She definately marches to her own drum. And she doesn’t give up. When she knows what she wants she goes to all lengths to get it.

She mainly runs around the house, and speaks in full blown complicated sentences. Daily we hear new words and sentences out of her mouth. We are constantly laughing at her antics and chasing after her rebelliousness. She has recently decided it’s time to potty train, even though mom is not ready at all (mainly because I cant bend down to assist these days) but that has not stopped her, she goes anyways. I find her undressed on the pot and success in the potty when I was busy cooking dinner. Tonight she showered herself “like a big girl” and was strutting her pride afterwards. She seems much older than 2 at times, but she is definately showing all the “2” signs that people “praise” so much.

Our family just would not be the same without her and we thank God for his plan and providence in our family, giving us Evangeline.


3 thoughts on “Vange is 2!

  1. She is so cute!!! I remember when Arwyn and Malachi were little and we’d laugh so much at the words or sentences they would say- I can only imagine what comes out of this ones mouth, she sounds hilarious!!!

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