We were doing some crafts this evening and M decided afterward to draw a picture. When He completed his picture he told me a story to go along with it. Read on.

“The littel fish who got aten up” by M. Watters
There once was a little fish who was friends with a crab. A mean jellyfish came along and thought the fish looked tasty so he ate up the little fish. The crab got mad so the crab ate up the jellyfish…”

Me: wait the crab and the little fish are freinds?
M: Yup.
Me: if the crab ate the jellyfish and the little fish was in the Jellyfishe’s tummy then now the little fish AND the jellyfish were in the crabs tummy. The crab’s friend was in his tummy!

M: Well, the little fish came back to life so they were together again.
Me: how could he come back to life in the crab’s tummy? did the crab poop him out first?
M: (distressed by the idea) no, he just came back to life.
Me: oh! so he disappeared from the crab’s tummy and reappeared back into life?
M: well, no. ACTUALLY, a nice seahorse came along and pulled the little fish out of the crab with his tail. Then he came back to life.
Me: (picturing the this in my mind, wondering which end he got pulled out of…trying not to laugh…) OH! great story buddy!


3 thoughts on “Malachism

  1. Great story of creative friendship! I think these three fish might have some more “tails” to tell. No, really, this could be a series!

  2. That boy has the makings of a real storyteller! And a knack for creative problem solving! Thank you for sharing that story. Hope M and his Daddy are having a great trip just now. We are praying for all of you! LOVE you and MISSSSSSSSS you all.

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