India through Kayti’s eyes

We had the priviliage of some visitors from Indonesia. Kayti is our friend from Sac and Jonny is her Fiance origionally from AZ. They arrived the day Steve and Devon left for language school. We got to hang in our city for 2 days then took an adventure to Agra. I ventured on my last Taxi ride during this pregnancy. Truthfully I prob wouldnt have gone if I have known how bad the road would be. Monsoon made it into every four-wheelers desire, but any 8 month pregant women’s nightmare. But it was worth it. Here are some Pics Kayti took. She is another one of my friends that is a talented Photographer ( see her llink to the right under photography). So here is some of our city in photos, below.

schoolgirls pumping water from a well

our chicken guy, the sweetest man

one got away

A decked out auto rickshaw

The guy on corner that sells roti




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