Agra: The hotel pool

The place we head to most in Agra is the pool. We can’t get enough of it in this India heat and humidity. It is also great to be out in the sun and feeling the shunshine on your skin, not so when we are in our city, covered from head to toe. The kids have become quite water bugs. A swims completely on her own. This trip I showed her how to do a somersault under water and she mastered it, despite the water up  the nose. M learned the “dead mans float” and loves to swim short distances under water. He even tried to walk on the bottom of the pool. Vange thinks she can do it all. Why not? her sibs can! So we have to keep a close eye on her. Whenever she has a mishap she comes up gasping for air, coughing and ridiculously smiling! Crazy Girl!

One of my favorite things about this hotel pool is this big shallow end before the “drop off”. I can sit and let the kids all play around me

 without being prepared to lunge for one.

“Peace!”, M and A learned this great pose from Kayti.

Vange was into giving some love.

With all the visitors we have had lately she has mastered how to win them over  since she has a little competition from A and M. She mianly says : “I want to cuddle wis you!”


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