37 weeks

As I lay here in bed and have a strong contraction come on from doing…um… nothing, I am SO glad we decided to leave a week sooner for Delhi so that we didn’t have to resort PLAN B. Which is really a terrible  unwanted plan but not much else you can do about it. What’s plan B?

A neighbor take me in their car to a hospital I have never been to, to deliver a baby with a Doctor I have never met, ALONE. Josiah would have to stay at home with the kids. Since the only babysitters we can trust here are in Delhi in class, Steve and Devon. Then he would still have to go to Delhi right after baby and I come home, leaving me with all 4 right away so he can pick up baby items that we still need. Not so fond of this plan. So we talked and prayed and felt more peace about leaving a week sooner than planned even if it is a bigger expense.

As soon as we decided to leave this coming friday, the 7th, God provided a place to stay for FREE that first week. Then we came across a possible place for the last 2 weeks that is a great deal and really nice, complete with room options so we are not all 6 in one room and a kitchen so we can cook and save money.

Pregnancy has been going great this time around, but it seems my uterus is a bit more sensitive than the other 3 times. EVERY time I bend over, or lift something slightly heavy or walk for more than 5 minutes or stand for more than 20 minutes I get LONG contractions. So I have been quite lazy, trying not to send myself into early labor. Today I am 37 weeks pregant. That is when I had Malachi!!! He came the day I turned 37 weeks, which is technically full term, but still 3 weeks sooner than the due date.

So, (as I have another contraction) I am praying that baby stays put for the next two days. Till I get on that morning train on Friday and get myself to Delhi.

Here is a pic of me bringing out Malachi’s morning monky bread the day of his birthday last week, you can see my belly a little better than the above picture in one of my new “bigger” Salwar suits, since they are baggy.


4 thoughts on “37 weeks

  1. First, you look fantastic for being 37 weeks pregnant! Second, I will pray for you friend – for a safe, healthy and smooth labor – from babysitters to J to perfect timing. (and ps: I cannot even imagine plan B, that kinda made my heart skip a beat!) xoxo

  2. Hey beautiful, you just keep glowing! I love plan A. Yes. I will be with you in spirit as you travel, labor, deliver and welcome your new one. Love to all of you!!

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