Malachi’s birthday of treats

This is the 3rd year where M has requested Monkey bread for his breakfast on the morning of his birthday. Course now in India the recipe has changed a little from the first and second year (which didn’t get blogged about because we moved a week later to India). But enjoyed just the same. Below is how he woke up. He wanted a spider man cake and after I looked up a design that I thought I could handle drawing on his Baskin Robbins ice cream cake I realized that I couldnt make the frostong necessary for icing a cake cause my sugar available is big cubes not powdered, and my grinder mixer is broken. So I made a”spidey web” on his bunk the night before and he woke up to this surprise.

The generous boy that he is, he shared his mini monkey bread with his 2 favorite sisters.

His choice of acivity for the day was to watch movies, and so he did, 3 I think. For lunch we went to our favorite ( and only) restaraunt where he ordered (surprise, surprise) cheese pizza and french fries, then his usual hot fudge sundae, below. We brought the “5” candle that Nana had brought from AZ in may and we whisper sang happy birthday in the restaraunt. I love thsi picture!

Josiah found some “man flare” to add the occasion, fire. These candles were more like fireworks than candles, in fact he had to do a test run outside to see how big the flame was going to be before setting it on front of our son. In the evening we brought out the ice cream cake with the requested choclate and vanilla ice cream.

I think we may have traumatized him, look at all his faces below.

Then some more traumatizing, Josiah didn’t stop at fireworks on the boys cake he had to get a candle we saw the week before on someone elses birthday cake, the middle torches and sings and then the side little ones pop out to blow. You can see the relief on his face when the torch is gone and only tiny ones are left… pretty funny!

To get this picture Josiah had to tell him a funny joke, cause he was still uptight from all the fire. Oh! what a cutie.

Then after cake we sent him on his hunt for gifts…

5 thoughts on “Malachi’s birthday of treats

  1. O my gosh those photos are so good and so funny! looks like those photo lessons paid off, lol j/k. Awesome job. Love that candle!

  2. Great pictures!! Happy Birthday to Malachi!!! Those firework candles were amazing, kind of like 4th of July meets Birthday. haha!!!

  3. haha! if josiah was part of this i am not the least bit surprised that fire was involved!! happy birthday to malachi and i’m so glad for the fun day you all had.

  4. Thank you Heidi for finding time to share some of these family moments with us all. I LOVED the birthday candle series, and that dazzling Malachi smile. We are so thankful for our grandson! We’d have loved to be there and enjoy the fireworks! Unbelievable candles.

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