The MAIN birthday gift

We gave him a teaser when we celerbrated with Steve and Devon a week prior to his birthday, knee pads and wrist bands. We had to show him You tube videos of boy his age skating that also wore them t oconvince him it was cool and necessary, and common. He has been talking about this day, getting a board, for months now and it didn’t disapoint. He has surprised me and actually practices every day. Now A is bummed that he can go faster than she can on her skates. I am tryin to explain that skater is actually easier in the balance and speed department but her compettive nature just won’t hear it.

Excitedly but patiently waiting for dad to put the optional handle on, to turn it into a scooter for beginners. Enjoy those curly locks along with me, M is requesting to cut them off. 😦

the trick trying begins

this completed his day as the “best birthday ever”. Course now he is saying when he turns 6 he wants water skis!

2 thoughts on “The MAIN birthday gift

  1. Wait, HOW old is Malachi?!?!?!?! A skateboard?!?!

    (sorry, just a Nana moment I am having)

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