NEWS FLASH: I am writing this from our hotel in Vasnt Kunj, Delhi. Which means that we made it here with a baby STILL in the womb! Let me tell you many times we felt like it was a close call, starting to wake up in the middle of the night with painful contractions and have them come more regulalary, even when resting. The first thing we did after arriving a few hours later than planned ( train was 2 hours late) was check in at our hotel, pee (well ok that was me), and head to the mall to get an early dinner at Chili’s with our friend’s Steve and Devon who are taking a language class here. MMMMM… steak fajitas. And because I am the “oh so helpful” type I helped Devon drink her second mojito that she got free with the first, MMMM…. more minty yumminess. Now we hang out and relax and shop till baby arrives and I don’t need to be as careful to not over exert myself. In fact, the sooner the better.

Vange is our crazy child. She has waved goodbye to her baby years and fully embraced her Big girl ness. 3 nights ago she threw her binky in the trash and we have been binky free since. I wasn’t sure how this would be with her cause she finds SO much comfort in it and her blanky. I started a process of stages, cause I knew it might take some time to accomplish this. First we just talked about it. “You are such a big girl, you are gonna be a big sister, and you really don’t need a binky anymore cause those are for babies…” and more talk like that. She seemed receptive, but still attached.  I would periodically ask her if she wanted to throw it away since she didn’t need it anymore. But the answer still remained pretty matter of factly, “No.”

Then I ushured in the next stage. I slit a hole in the binky so that it didn’t get the same suction. ” Uh- oh! Binky is broken.” So she tried it and realized, “for real!” as she might say, binky was in fact broken. Course we didn’t discuss HOW it got that way, but those are minor details…

After 3 or 4 days of binky being broken but still sucked on, I realized we needed to go to “Def-con 5”. I cut a hole in the tip of it so that it would feel entirely different on her tongue and lose its soothing ability. That it did. She cried in bed for a week straight asking to be cuddled by each of us for 20 minutes. Even after that more screaming would ensue. She learned how to replicate the “someone has just cut off my limb scream” that her sister has perfected. Yes, perfected is the correct word for it. “What is the deal?” We would ask ourselves, forgetting that we just declared war. Then I realized even though she still insisted on using it, it wasn’t lulling her to sleep in the same way. At night she would tell me ” binky is broken!”, “Yes, it is. Would you like to throw it away?”, “No, it needs to be in my mouth.” She is a pretty straight forward girl. “OK then” I would say and silently wonder how painful this was going to be. I mean, I had no other “safe” ideas other than throwing it away myself. And I wasn’t that committed yet.

My last attempt to add to the hype was pulling out all the things that I needed to pack for baby, for this trip, one being a 2 pack of new binky’s. She would see it and say “Awwweee… baby has cute binkies!” holding it in her hands with her shoulders bunched up, adoring the future sight of her new sibling sucking on a binky. She would take the package from room to room showing everyone present how cute the baby’s binky’s were. Then return them. I of course would take the opportunity to add ” that’s right! babies need binky’s NOT big girls.”

Then the sweet day came on Tuesday when she came in my bedroom with binky and blanky (because she climbs out of bed on her own now) and said in disgust, through the binky ” binty is bwoken”. I gave my sympathetic nod and she said ” throw it away?” I said “sure!” And she did, walk over to my trash, and dropped it right in. And once it was in the trash, there was no fetching it out. She tried a couple times and it was a non negotiable. This was my best scenario, her making the decision. Me helping her follow through. I had to be committed now. And much to my surprise, nap and bed time have been fine. Last night she informed Josiah that she was a baby and needed a binky. But once it came down to bed time, she still fell asleep fine. HALLELUJAH!! Just in time.

Now lets just pray that she forgets every trace of binky before baby arrives so that we don’t find a stolen binky traipsing around the house with a screaming baby in another room.


4 thoughts on “Vangisms

  1. So exicted you made it to Bethlehem in one piece =), and looking forward to hearing that the blessed event is safely accomplished! Love and Prayers!!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad that you’re safe & sound in Delhi. Enjoy your last days as a family of five! I can’t wait to hear about the big news. ps: Such a great big girl story. 🙂 xoxo

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