A girls day

I would say one of the top thinngs that I miss and DESPERATELY need is going out with my girl friends. But I can still have time with my favororite big girl, A. We were in the habit of going out together quite regularly last year, but it hasn’t happend much this last year. I could tell we both needed time alone together. So, we hit the mall.

We hit the mall and had some pampering. First we looked at 5 jewelry stores before we found the right pair of “dangly” earings for us to get. Those are hers pictured below. She wanted all these huge ones, which she couldn’t convince me of. But we finally found some with all our criteria : sterling silver, not too expensive, and “dangly enough”.

Then we picked up a treat. As we walked by the deliciously smelling Cinnabon stand, I tried to convince her that it would be the best choice, but she had her heart set on her own iced coffee, which she had never had before. And so we did. which later resulted in a stomach ache…


We completed our adventure by going by the “Fishy Spa” and cleanin up. Our friend devon blogged about her adventure with this. You sit on a bench above a fish tank and put your feet in. The fish eat all the dead skin off the bottom of your feet. It feels so weird! I was wondering if I had just wasted our money cause it was hard to keep your feet in, and Arwyn could barely keep from squealing and kicking them off. After 5 minutes I got used to it but Arwyn scolded and chastised her fishies the whole time if the touched her in a way she couldn’t handle. We followed up our soak with a nice foot file and massage. Arwyn leaned back into the cushy chair and soaked it up. We had a great time talking and looking at pretty things. We are still on the hunt for her “long skirt” that reminds me much of Little house on the prairie. Somehow she got it in her head that she HAS to have one. Instead we found a really cute bikini on cleaence for Vange for next year.

I am so looking fwd to my girl  time with my big girl soon!


2 thoughts on “A girls day

  1. Aww yay! I’m so happy to hear about your girls day and that you are getting to take advantage of your time in the big city! Fun 😉

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