40 weeks: Update

Well, yesterday,the DUE DATE, came and left. Nothing more to report, other than I have a DR. appointment tomorrow night at 7:15. I am sure I will get checked to see how dialated I am and make plans for inducion if nothing happens before Nov 1, 41 weeks.

Baby still moves, hiccups, and kicks. But seems to be just as happy as Vange was in the womb.

We have moved to our final destination, which is great cuz, the kids all are in a different room, and we have  a living room and kitchen to ourselves.


Try to keep all posted, but we are having trouble with the internet connection. I had to use J’s computerfor this post and freeload on an open neighbors connection. My laptop won’t even pick up the connection. So I won’t be doing much on the web, including  skype,emails, and blog.


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