So this isn’t a helpful MUST HAVE for any of you, it’s more of a “duh!” must have, although not to people here (another story for another day). But it has been my MUST HAVE for over two months so dedicating a whole post to the baby bed is definately understandable. RIGHT?

Although we enjoy having our newborns sleep on our chest in the beginning we are still cautious about when and how. Which tells you that it won’t be full time co-sleeping. It needs it’s own bed.

But this is the last baby so we were not about to shell out money on a bassinet or even a moses basket from a baby store here in Delhi for a bed that will only last 2- 3 months and then shell out the needed money for baby’s crib.

Of all the countries I have visited, this is one of the greatest textile industries among them (in my humble opinion). We could find a basketweaver from the rural parts EASILY and spend 10-20 dollars on a “home=made” moses basket, that could also be reused for storage post baby. RIGHT?


Getting the baby a proper yet affordable bed has been quite a journey, that mostly my CHAMP husband has taken on.

Josiah looked all over our city for baskets. I asked whenever I was out at the market where a bigger one of “these” or a person who sells lots of “those” might be. But no one knew. When we finally gave up on our city and waited till we got to Delhi, the search was on. Delhi has everything. It was bound to have a talented basket weaver, even if it was someone representing textiles from another region in India. Josiah did the online research and fought his way to and through TONS of markets while I put the pressure on that baby could come any day and it needed a bed to sleep in. Unless of course we caved and spent $160 on one from the mall. But we were determined to not do that.

We already have a crib to get before we leave, and to pay the full hospital bill up front and out of pocket whatever that may entail, room and board to pay, baby clothes and all absolutely necessary items for receiving our newborn home, plus a backlog of shopping we have been needing to do and weren’t in a place till now to do it.

Finally our last idea and our focused prayer for help from God found us beautiful bed for baby. There is this great furniture refurbishing market. They have all sorts of unique donations that people don’t want in piles around a big yard. And they have carpenters scattered all around fixing, sanding and staining them into new and fun pieces of “treasure”. And for a fraction of the new price that it would cost. SO FUN!

Josiah found this cute little basket and negotiated to buy it “as is” so that we could choose an Eco friendly/baby friendly paint to do in our home city. He got it for $20 bucks. Then he went to another local market and had a piece of firm foam cut to order with a slipcover. Since I have crib sheets coming from the states soon, I just dug up a pillow case (the perfect size) from the closet of the house we are staying in and WALLAH! Our baby bed is complete. I love it and am so excited for the STEAL we got.

Josiah worked so hard to find it and now we have a bed for baby to sleep in once it decides to come join us. Can’t you just see it all curled up on it’s tummy, knees tucked up and head to the side right in the middle? I can’t wait!

“Yeah! 3 beers cheers for Josiah!”


5 thoughts on “A baby MUST HAVE

  1. Way to go Josiah! It looks beautiful! You two are amazing and God is so gracious to answer your prayers. We are praying for the safe delivery of the next Watter’s tribe member.
    Love you guys!
    God’s blessings.
    Dewey & Pat

  2. Way to go Josiah!
    You guys are a blessing. It’s great to see how God directs in the everyday things of life.
    We love you and are praying for a safe delivery of the new addition to the Watters clan.
    Dewey & Pat

  3. Hi, I’m Sarahgreen. new to this space. Can someone help me finda site that offers natural/ eco-friendly baby products?

    I’ve found a few sites but not all their products are organic or eco-friendly, and it’s hard to find a site that has cute stuff.

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