Market fun

Here is a book we found in our hosts huge selection of kids books (she is a child education consultant) that I thought fit her perfectly.

Yesterday Devon and I went t0 our new favorite market, Sarogeni Market, to finish up some christmas shopping for me and room decoration stuff for the kids. I found a few things not on my list, which isn’t hard to do.

These GAP capris were calling my name, especially since Arwyn only has had 2 pairs of shorts all summer and keeping clean pants on her has been a constant struggle. She has dresses but is still at that age that she needs spandex, shorts or leggings under cause she is learning to act like a lady in a dress. They looked a little on the big side but the great thing about GAP pants is the elastic strips that you can tighten and button inside. They were perfect! and the best part? 100 Rupees ($2).

Since once of my boys love languages is gifts, I cannot come home from a trip with something for Arwyn or Vange without him. Or he is distraught and feels unloved. It’s happened. It’s heartbreaking 😦

So on my way out of the market I saw this little toy guitar that I bartered the guy down to 80 Rupees ($1.50). It was a big hit! with all 3 actually.

And I snagged Vange a stretchy bangle for 20 Rupees (~50 cents).

This market is great, it has good quality, cheap American made stuff. Great authentc Indian stuff. You can bargain and get things at smashing prices. The streets are wide and open, and there is plenty if room to roam, and its huge.


2 thoughts on “Market fun

  1. How cute! Evangeline looks like she is really enjoying the book. You use to have the same one when you were little. I have a surprise for her. It will be in the little purse I got her. She will love it. Arwyn looks pretty stylish in her new shorts. Does she want to be a model some day. She puts on quite the show. I love it!
    Malachi with the musical ear. I bet he can figure out how to play it and sing like his daddy 🙂 Love ya!

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