It’s a boy!

Taron James Watters

born Wednesday November 2, 2011

weighing in at 3.67 kg

50.5 cm long



23 thoughts on “It’s a boy!

  1. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your son!
    I so enjoy reading your comments on your life as it gives me a glimpse into life in another part of the world.
    Autumn greetings from Sweden,

  2. Once again God has given you a beautiful healthy child. And we are blessed with another grandchild. Thank you! We are so proud of you both in all you have done and all you have gone though in the past few months. God is so good! We are feeling blessed as we are sure you are too. We love you! Mom and Dad

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! We are thrilled, as I know you are, at Taron’s debut. You all look SO healthy and happy and I am sure your “big” kids are as well.

  4. Congratulations Watters family! I am so so excited for you guys and your 2 boys and 2 girls 🙂 I hope it all went well and can’t wait to see more pictures of the baby!

  5. We are SO happy for God’s goodness to you and us too, in the safe birth of Taron James. CONGRATULATIONS! We can see the joy and pride on your faces in the photos, and we rejoice with you. He is a beautiful baby!

    We trust you can both get some rest, and we continue to pray for Malachi to get well soon.

  6. Congratulations Watters Family!!!!! Taron is adorable and you look very peacful and happy! Pretty cool that you alternate Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy…you probably planned that right?! 🙂 Hope these next few weeks are filled with fun times getting to know your newest!

  7. heidi – you could not be more beautiful!!! praise be for a healthy son. i love the picture of you three!! can’t wait to see one of the 5 of you. 2 boys, 2 girls – i have to say its lots of fun when everyone has brother(s) and sister(s)!! love and blessings to you all and welcome dear taron!!

  8. Hello Taron! You just entered in a wonderful family! Welcome, you are already loved by so many… we look forward to meeting you some day 🙂

    Congrats to you all. So happy to hear the news and we will continue to pray for your family of 6!

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