2 weeks: a photo shoot

We had a fun photo shoot with Taron for his 2 week old “birthday”. Complimentary of Devon Salisbury Photography. She has the full shoot on her site, but these are my top 13.

What I love? The hand.

The cocoon he is in.

Food pleas.

the wrinkles.

the rump.

the apparel, My Aunt Sue made them.

her smile.

the eyelashes.

the cheeks & hood.


5 thoughts on “2 weeks: a photo shoot

  1. Beautiful baby boy! Beautiful children. I love that you are making it a priority to stare, to gaze, to delight. Many blessings on the six of you!

  2. Holy molly, I’m convinced you have the most beautiful compolation of kids I’ve ever seen. Vange just stole my heart. Great photoshoot, thanks for sharing with us!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They are all great but # nine with the three is truly special – one to blow up as a poster for sure.

    Ok, this just makes me miss you guys all the more.

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