Advent: Starting out as Josiah’s family tradition, we carried this on as well. We were 2 weeks late since we were traveling the first Sunday after Thanksgiving. But by the second Sunday we were back home ready to begin the celebration of Jesus coming as a baby. I had been on the lookout for a candle holder that held all 5 candles but when I saw these, I fell in love. Where? where else, but a market in Delhi. This year we get to open the nativity advent calandar that Nana sent our way in addition to our scripture and singing carols.

Christmas topper: In my family it was the tradition that the youngest (which was always me) got to put the tree topper on the tree when it was done being decorated. This year Vange got the honors since Taron can’t quite manage. This is her third year in a row, her first year she barely made it.

Note: this gangsta princess, she enjoys putting her ensembles together each morning and the black beanie and sparkly clip on earings (Thanks to “Jewey”) made the cut.

The ornaments: A tradition that I picked up from one of my friends was getting the kids ornaments each year to add to the tree motif. We had to start over last year from square one, so the bell and the bird are what the kids got last year, the ball is what they each got this year (with different sceneries on each) and the stars I bough to suppliment since that was only 6 ornaments.

The tree: One tradition that we started when we got married was getting our tree the day or two after Thanksgiving. We would go up to apple hill and chop down our own tree. Well this year I was determined to ensure that the tree could get up the day after for the future, so I picked up a fake tree in Delhi. Although I miss the fresh tree smell, I am very pleased with our little tree.




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