Uncles are about childhood

This Thanksgiving we got to have a special treat. Uncle Isaac came to visit. There is something about U. Isaac that brings out the spirit of childhood in them. Maybe it’s that he just feels free to play and not parent. And even free to get them all in trouble 🙂 But they laugh more, squeal more, and enjoy life a little more when there uncles are around. Two weeks of Isaac here was BLISS for A, M, and E. He even made it on the Thankful Tree. And very sad tears were shed when he had to go 😦

At the end of the trip we returned to Delhi for his flight out and A and M went to Jama Masjid, the biggest mosque in India with daddy and uncle.

She dreams of weddings, and sparkles, and breakdances and skates in her spare time.

Below: This picture captures the fun the spirit they get into when uncles are around.

The three older kiddos had there own special tables for thanksgiving dinner.

Devon is taking the picture, here we are about to dig into our yummy meal. Herbed baked chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, stove top stuffing and cranberry sauce (thanks to friends back home!) and homemade biscuits. Devon brought a green bean dish and a DELICIOUS apple pie.

Notice the Thankful tree coming out of Isaacs head.


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