A new tradition

This year we started a new tradition. Gingerbread house making/contest. It cameabout when talking with Devon about there traditions and she was sharing how how it is to miss out on her first yera of traditions. Around thanksgiving they have a gingerbread making contest that has lasted through the years. I remember doing them as a kid, my mom would invite my friends over and we would make our houses together. My mom sounds muc like Devon’s they made the gingerbread and everything from scratch.

So we set out to the continue the tradition here in INdia with our new family the Salisbury’s. I figured that making the gingerbread with adjustable ingrediants and a convection microwave would be a fail and learn adventure. But it all worked out great! the gingerbread even tasted good! which was a surpris eto me cause Devon had to grate fresh ginger, and I had to crush our cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves with a mortor and pestle… This is India!

only wanting to make two batches, we decided on having the girls against the boys. It was great for the kids join teams  and work together. Arwyn had her own artistic flair and malachi served as the supervisor/encourager for his team.

My favorite part of our house was the roof, the chimney that Devon made, and the walkway that Arwyn made out of golden chocolate euros.

Vange ran through stealing candies and changing oufits for inspiration.

The gents were pretty creative with a smow bank and sled, a pool or frozen pond(?) a Narnia style light pole, and the dirt path that Malachi made with broken cookie. Notice they had a LIVE fireplace complete with a realhouse fire by the end of the night!

We contemplated disqualifying them because it wasn’t e tirely edible but we had mercy. NOTE: the animals.

They even were inspired to have “yellow snow” from a a little toy tiger, notice the position of the tigers leg…

With 4 girls and 4 boys, we voted and SURPRISE ended up with a tie.

We had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next year! Maybe with more competitors in our competition!


6 thoughts on “A new tradition

  1. This looks like sooo much fun! I’ve never made a gingerbread house, from scratch or otherwise. I may have to try it next year. Tell everyone hello and give them all a kiss from the Shetlers! Love you guys!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I guess you will be keeping this tradition. Merry Christmas! Your letter was the most wonderful Christmas letter we have eveer received.
    Love, Pam and Dave

  3. Great construction dudes! “The Donald” may want to buy in. That’s the only yellow snow you should ever eat Malachi:)

    Merry Christmas all!

  4. This story and photos of the gingerbread house competition is so funny – thanks for making time to write it up and put it together. This sounds like it is a family tradition for the Christmas season worth carrying over from our side of the world. And you had gourmet gingerbread, with fresh grated ginger and personally pulverized cinnamon. Mmmm!

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