A long comprehensive update

As I was writing the post below I realized some of my thoughts may be lacking info on your end. Since I haven’t written much or talked with many of you since T was born.

Life is CRAZY with 4 kids, and my days just FLY by. Thus, no blogging other than sporadic pics. But PRAISE GOD we have a nanny coming at the end of May!!! Her name is Kristin and she lives in Virginia. She has tons of experience with kids and is passionate about a big impact on them. She will help be able to get more done during the day than just half homeschool days and cooking. Like regular time in the word, regular showers, and even visits to friends form time to time. And DATES!!! we went from having a date every week in the States to now about one every other month with T tagging along. We are excited for Kristin coming and joining our family!

I am doing homeschool full time and I love it! The kid shave gotten used to the routine and they seem to love it as well. I was looking forward to our travel slowing down and getting into a groove of keeping a clean house, playing, schooling, cooking and visiting friends. But it seems like since we have been home sickness has descended upon our family.

We almost always pick up something in Delhi from using public transportation, going to malls, restaraunts and play areas. Kids touch everything and then feel compelled to put there hands in there mouth. Even with frequent application of hand sanitizer we have not been able to keep sickness away. When the last member to catch it is finally getting over it one will catch it for a second time and we all have another go with it.

I have something going on in my sinuses. I have had 5 sinus infections since Novemeber. I mainly get them on the right side of my head. When I finish an antibiotic it is back the next day. The Doctor thinks I have a pollup in my nasal cavity, blocking drainage and making it get infected frequently. We are currently waiting for the CT scan and blood work to come back to find out the next move. If I do, then it will need to be removed, since pollups very easily turn into cancer.

I have also been extremely fatigued and achy all over for the last 3 weeks or so. It’s all I can do to make meals and homeschool and in between all this I find a away to lay down while watching the kids. I don’t know if this is because of my body fighting the nasal thing or something else that I am not aware of yet. But the last few days it was real discouraging with no end in sight and me feeling “half-alive”. My mind is excited and motivated to incorporate working out and more art projects and adventures with the kids, as well and visiting friends and practicing language, but my body is shutting down and I am not able to do anything productive.

I had a meltdown all day yesterday, about it. Tired of it not knowing what it was, how to fix it, and when it would end. But all those seem out of my control for some time. So I decided, I will not let it rob me of life. I can pick at least one thing a day to do beyound school with the kids or special for our home. Cook a different meal, do a different art project, organize a closet. Force myself to do it regardless of how my body feels. This way I can feel some sense of productiveness, and joy. And not be discouraged about the day and everything i couldn’t do. And I can commit each thing, big or small to God before  I do it and then thank him for it after. Brother Lawrence did this while working in the kitchen in the monesary. od has me in this place for a reason, unbeknownst to me. And I have no idea how long, but I cannot choose to be a victim to it.

Anyways… T is five months now (picture post to follow) and decided he is ready for food. I was going to postpone that till much later and just give milk, but When he owuld sit on my lap at meal time he would SCREAM out for food, and try to grab my plate, a few times he suceeded! So we started rice cereal and it took no time at all to learn how to swallow. It has also helped the amount he spits up to decrease. Praise God! I have learned to live with the sweat smell of sour milk on him and me.  He is sclose to sitting up and rolling over. And he is trying to master puting the binky in his mouth.


more to come later… its nap time!


3 thoughts on “A long comprehensive update

  1. Thanks for the updates! I can’t imagine the mothering demands of 4 children – mainly because I am finding myself feeling the same (but on a much smaller scale) with just one right now! Hope to see you/talk to you soon….? Jess

  2. Hi Heidi. It is so good to get your updates. I am with you in trying to get just one thing done a day. It might sound silly but I worked on cleaning my fridge for about 2 weeks doing one shelf at a time. 3 kids has hit me hard, but God is in it all, even the craziness. Praying for all of your health.

  3. I am sorry you are feeling sick. Since this is a late post i hope you are felling better. I appreciate your bravery in not allowing it to victimize you. You are stronger than you know, but not stronger than God knows. Hang in there powergirl, you are an inspiration to many.

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