Blueberries for Vange

This last home-school week found us reading “Blueberrries for Sal”, so we made blueberry shakes together to get her psyched about the new book. After declaring herself the “blender turner onner” she used that skill when the lid wasn’t on. Thus we cleaned a bit. Then proceeded to make yummy shakes. If she learned anything at school this day at all it was the very important lesson to put the lid on before you push blend!

p. s. her purple shake went with her purple dress which I got for 2 dollars at a market! Yay!

Today she is wearing this outfit that I have come to believe is a prophetic message to ME rather than her own mantra. Sometimes I need to hear it when parenting  her all day long.

And some more of her crazy beautiful personality:

Vange comes out to me with a shy grin, ” i need hugs mom” she whispers.

she crawls up in my lap and and partakes in some hugs, then she insists on kissing me on the “wips”.

V: “you make my heart happy mom”

meanwhile I am melting, she  could ask for anything and I would give….

Do you know your kids love language ? Here is s fun test to do with them to see HOW they need you to tell them…

A little while later:

V: mom I have a sickness, I coughed and “bless-you’d”


5 thoughts on “Vangisms

  1. Thanks for the great story of making blueberry shakes together. The part about forgetting to put the lid on before pushing the blend button was so funny. And I loved reading about Evangeline’s tender loving spirit. Super photos.You two are definitely shining! Gracias! Love, Mama/Nana

  2. Oh my goodness! Heidi! Vange is so big now!!! I can hardly believe it! She’s absolutely stunning – just like your other 3 (THREE!!!- wow!). I am so amazed by your alls journey and by your blog. You are learning and growning so much. We miss you all! The other day we played frisbee golf with Josiah’s old discs and I saw his name written on the back. My heart missed you then. We’re praying for you all as you continue this path!


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