like pesto? try a new kind…

We have been enjoying a new pesto recipe. Spinach pesto. I can’t get regular fresh basil so i went looking for pesto alternatives. This actully works out quite well cause we need more iron in our diet, as there aren’t very many green veggies available here. But getting kids to eat spinach is a task in itself. Lucky for me the kids will eat pesto any day.

This recipe was YUM!

Then our friend Devon found a recipe for cilantro pesto. Double YUM!

When I went to make it I substituted Gouda cheese for parmesian, since we have to get ours from Delhi and we were fresh out. And YAY! we get gouda in our city now! In fact I am finding its a good substitute for parmesian in any recipe.

So, i mixed the pestos and they are even better!

And we used it for pizza 🙂


2 thoughts on “like pesto? try a new kind…

  1. Arwyn, Malachi, & Vange……what do you call a disobedient child? Answer: A Pesto:) Don’t be a Pesto or elsto!

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