Big Time Visitors!

When Nana and Papa (Watters) came to visit we got to hang out in our city for a few days and we got to go to “Tiger Camp” in the Jim Corbet National parks area. Sometimes I stand back and marvel at the things these kids get to do. Not that they haven’t also had GREAT sacrifices in life, but they have received awesome gifts as well. Like this: 1st time in a year that they have seen there grandparents and first time sitting on an elephant while she is bathing in the river.

Nana & Papa meet T for the first time. He is 6 1/2 months old here.

This is the official proof that T was on an elephant! A held him, but when Luxmi the Elephant sprayed them all with water, they screamed with delight, all except for T of course. He was done then.


One thought on “Big Time Visitors!

  1. All of the pictures and stories about the kids are so neat. T is adorable. The pic of them on the elephant is so cute too. They truly are having wonderful adventures there in India.

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