Vange on God, babies, and Marriage

She is helping me make yummy Quinoa salad for dinner and out pours her latest intellectual conclusions:


Vange:  (murmers a quick low prayer) Mom I just prayed for a safe trip.

Me: for who?

Vange: for God.

Me: where is he going?

Vange: to heaven, he is riding in his car. Then he is going to Agra.

Me: what’s he going to do in Agra?

Vange: He is going to sleep then swim.


Vange: Mom I am eating these cucumber peels kay?

Me: kay.

Vange: If I eat these cucumber peels it make my tummy soft then it will grow a baby.

Me: oh? is that how babies come?

Vange: yes, and I am etaing lot of them, so we can have a NEW NEW baby in or family!


Vange: Daddy gives you kisses on the cheek and you turn away and say “no! no! no!”

THEN, you try to give daddy kisses on the cheek and he turns his head away from you.

Me: why do we do that?

Vange: cuz you love eachother SO much!



5 thoughts on “Vange on God, babies, and Marriage

  1. Your blogs about the kids aways give me a chuckle and it brings back memories of my kids when they were little. As the saying goes “Out of the mouths of babes”. You and Josiah are great parents. Love you and praying for you.

  2. This makes me excited for when Samara can start talking 🙂 haha She has already started babbling a lot, and I can’t wait to hear all the cute little things she wants to share.

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