Much Belated things…

Life has been CRAZY! I dont even know what I need to update on here.

And I probably wont for another couple weeks. If God’s wishes are in line with mine, We will all be in Thailand for the next three weeks. J goes in for more pushing along of the process to get T’s visa, tomorrow. Hopefully we can get it Tuesday and leave Thursday. I will update that once it happens or doesnt.

But in the meantime I have been meaning to share with you our new Nanny’s blog: Kristin’s Gallavants.

Cause when she is not hanging out with our kiddos she is posting about them. Including some of A’s birthday that I haven’t gotten to.



One thought on “Much Belated things…

  1. Wish A a very happy, though belated, birthday from me–even though Dewey sent her an ecard. Thanks also for the link to Kristin’s blog. Really enjoyed the photos of the party for A. Enjoy your time in Thailand. Wish we could be there to visit you folks.

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